SIM 3: Detecting Truths As A Leader


Tom, a veteran mentor teacher, meets with his inductee, Donna, before the school year begins and shares ideas about classroom management that have been passed down from generation to generation. Tom advises that the teacher is the boss of the classroom and states, “you should never smile until Thanksgiving”,  “to get the classes attention you need to go nuclear!”, and “always start with your students in rows - in alphabetical order”. He communicates what his mentor taught many years ago, and tells Donna how important it is to keep order in the classroom.


You have a chance to do an informal walkthrough in Donna's classroom, and upon entering the learning space you observe:

  • Students cooperating, following along, looking at teacher

  • A quiet, orderly space where kids sit in rows and take notes

  • You notice the work students are producing is mostly about recall information as they listen and take notes, or give short answers when called on

After ten or fifteen minutes in the classroom does your leadership radar choose: I Agree, I Wonder, or I Intervene?