Chapter 1

Team Talk - Relate

Meet with your core leadership team and share stories of people who inspired your leadership style and made a difference in your leadership. Use the "Upload Your Story" option on the right side of this page to share your story (Try 100 words or less) telling what you learned or experienced through this Team Talk activity.

Chapter 2

Team Talk - Relate

Work with your school leadership team to host a Facebook Live or Youtube Live session for parents or students in your school. Identify the topic, market the event, and host the live event as a school leadership team. We would love to share your work with other school leaders so be sure to upload a file (doc, PDF, video, etc - with your story using the box to the right.  

Chapter 3

Team Talk - Relate
Choose from one of the three below - or do all three! Please share your experience using the Upload Your Story link on the right of this page.
As a school leadership team: 

1.Volunteer in your school community - look for ways to give back right in your school community.

2.Host a business luncheon and showcase the work of your students and staff.

3.Identify a project that your students and staff need funding for and work to write a grant using the guidance of the Fairy Grantmother. 

Chapter 4

Team Talk - Innovate

As a school leadership team, assess your school’s Future Focused Leadership and Learning by using Figure 4.1 and by taking the Leadership Team Self-Assessment at - Share your team’s reflections using the "Upload Your Story" tool on the right of this page.

Chapter 5

Team Talk - Innovate
As a school leadership team, assess your leadership team’s digital leadership skill set using the SwERI model. Identify areas of strength, deltas (areas needing change), and growth areas. Go to and take the interactive SwERI assessment with your leadership team.

Chapter 6

Team Talk - Innovate

To help build your creative school/classroom we encourage your leadership team to create ten or twenty (maximum) questions that can be rated from one to four. Create your Creative School Survey and gather responses from your staff, have your students respond to the same questions — and then examine the two sets of results as a leadership team. Where do you find alignment? Where are the gaps in perception? Summarize your findings in a short video and share it at the TeamTalk site. Find sample questions at

Chapter 7

Team Talk - Innovate

Genius Hour isn’t just for students. Set aside twenty percent of your leadership team time for a month and see what your group produces. Like Google, you may find that some of your best ideas emerge from this less-structured time together. Pursue an audacious change your leadership team is energized about.

Chapter 8

Team Talk - Invigorate

Post your Storify archive, Facebook Live session, or other social media takeover event at the TeamTalk link and see what other school leaders are doing to highlight the strengths of their schools. 

Chapter 9

Team Talk - Invigorate

Your work to serve others impacts others. This sounds like a Captain Obvious quote, but we often miss the opportunity to include the “participant voice”. For this chapter’s Team Talk assignment assign members of your team to do short interviews or focus groups with people in the community who have been served by your school. It’s fine to include student voices, but do your best to get parents, guardians, community members, board of school directors, etc. Turn your conversations into a short written piece or video documentary and share the result at the "Upload Your Story" too on the top of this page.

Chapter 10

Team Talk - Relate

Our final Team Talk activity may be the best of them all (your team will have to determine that ranking). We encourage you to plan with your leadership team for two events: to host another school’s leadership team; and to travel to an “away game” with a school who is willing to do the same. If we can all get smarter, more creative, and better at our leadership work, then we can certainly benefit from gathering as leaders. While a conference, PLN, or the web resources at ChaseLearning can supply some powerful learning opportunities, we’re hoping this “home/away” meeting event can help your team establish a relationship with other leaders who are nearby. It may even produce a pooling of resources to help an extended community of folks. 

Team Talk: Team Talk is a conversation space for school leadership teams to share their stories from experiences with the TeamTalk activities at the end of each chapter. We will share the best stories on our Blog. Upload your docs, PDFs, images, or audio/video files with the Upload Your Story tool below...