Faith, Hope, and Love

Valentine's Day is a perfect reminder to reinforce Faith, Hope, and Love with students. Faith - We need to believe in the goodness of students. Have faith in them that they will do the right thing, make good decisions, and do what you expect them to do. By doing this, you empower them to be responsible and caring adults. This isn't a blind faith but one which teaches students how to behave, what to do, and how to be a responsible person. Let's have faith that our kids will do great and amazing things. Hope - Speak words of hope to students, let them know that their future is bright and filled with promise. Perhaps hope is one of the greatest missing things in our world today, I'd challenge you to focus on painting a picture of hope with students. Let them know their future is not dependent on the trauma they have faced, the obstacles before them, or the failures of their past. Just the opposite, their future is based on their hard work, dedication, and focus. Love - Being from Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love, I'm reminded of the importance of demonstrating brotherly love to our students. This is the type of love that goes the extra mile, accepts students with their failures and insecurities, and embraces them for who they are rather than what they should be. An unconditional love which accepts kids for who they are rather what they can do is how we truly build positive relationships with students which parlays into a positive learning culture. This type of love is needed in our schools as students are craving for connection, an adult who believes in them, and someone who values them for who they are.

Let's be extraordinary educators who live out faith, hope, and love everyday in our interactions with students.

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