Digital Leadership - 3 Keys to Move Learning Forward

Digital Leadership must move learning forward to be meaningful and successful. On this episode of Lead The Way (A Podcast for School Leaders), Mariah Rackley, NASSP Digital Award Winner and Principal of Cedar Crest Middle School in Pennsylvania, shares how school leaders can move learning forward through digital leadership.

Click Here to listen to Mariah share about digital leadership and learning.

3 Keys to Move Learning Forward with Digital Leadership

1. Model Learning - Digital leadership falls short if it is just the leader trying to implement technology into learning. Leaders need to model learning to inspire and encourage others to empower and engage students through digital learning. Technology implementation into learning without a clear focus, strong connection to learning, and connection to the world only serves to entertain. Using technology to entertain is irresponsible and misguided. Digital learning can open a child's eyes to a new way of learning and provide them a creative way to solve a problem. Model digital leadership by sharing and showing how to integrate technology into learning. Keep your focus on learning, not the technology. In other words, Chase Learning!

2. Empower Others - The goal of any good leader should be to empower others to lead and learn. By doing this, we multiple and expand the learning in exponential ways. Leaders can empower others by giving them freedom to try, risk, fail, and explore. They can also do this by creating and nurturing a culture of empowerment. This culture celebrates other leaders, places a laser focus on learning, and provides opportunities for others to grow. Search out opportunities that you can share with your faculty, staff, and students. Ask faculty/staff to share out at meetings how they are using technology to empower students.

3. Difference Maker - As leaders, we should work to have digital learning make a real difference in the lives of our students and others. When students work on projects that improve the lives of others, they become difference makers who take pride in their work. Plus, digital learning is one of the most powerful ways students can make real and sustainable changes in our world. Educators often think they are using technology when they play a Kahoot game with students but really this is simply the lowest form of learning. We need to engage students through leveraging technology to enhance the lives of others. For example, students in my school are using technology to design a horse riding saddle that will light up to show a rider's proper balance on the saddle. The goal of the saddle is to help special needs students to ride horses and to help them understand balance on a saddle.

I'd love to hear how you are moving learning forward through digital leadership. Share with me how you are doing this and I'll be sure to showcase you in a future post.

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