Chase Learning This New Year

I love New Year's Day as it resets the clock and allows for a fresh start and new beginning. Many will make resolutions vowing to lose weight, read more, get out of debt, etc. But sadly, many of these good intended resolutions will fade away only weeks or even days after the ball drops in Times Square. This year, I am committing to chase learning at all costs. This chase of learning is focused on students, teachers, and personal learning.

Student Learning - I want to make sure that I take time each day to learn more about student learning and to hear from students on how their learning is going. I am committing to talking to students more about their learning. Asking them questions like:

  • "What are you learning today?"

  • "How will you use what you are learning today?"

  • "What's something new you recently tried?"

  • "What are you reading?"

Teacher Learning - Outside of a child's parents, a high quality teacher is the number one determining factor of a child's success in school. Teachers who are skilled, equipped with the foundations of pedagogy and learning, passionate about the success of every child, and committed to making personal connections with students are essential to strengthen student learning. As a school leader, I am passionate about enhancing the learning of teachers and helping them to focus on learning. I can do this by sharing relevant resources, providing learning opportunities for them through valuable professional learning, and modeling the importance of a professional learning network.

Personal Learning - Just like the airlines direct you to put your oxygen mask on before assisting others, your own personal and professional learning needs to be a priority in your life and profession so you can support and lead others. To do this, I must make learning a priority and commit to growing and stretching as a leader and person. Personally, I am learning how to become a better fly fisherman, skier, father, and husband. I want to hone these skills to continue enjoying life and to deepen the relationships that are closest to me. Professionally, I want to strengthen my technology skills in the area of coding, Swift Playground, and modeling learning through tech integration. I am also focused on strengthening my professional learning network to bolster my leadership and learning.

Check out these four questions to strengthen your own learning:

  • What new skill are you learning or trying?

  • How are you stretching yourself?

  • How can you strengthen your Professional Learning Network?

  • What do you need to pare back in your life to move forward?

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