Book Comes Alive with Leadership Simulation

Dave Ramage and I partnered with Ken Spero and Ed Leadership SIMS to provide an interactive and engaging experience for all readers. This partnership includes an interactive SIM (Simulation) where leaders can work through a real life problem from what they learned in the book. A SIM is a digital interactive experience where the participant needs to watch a video or slideshow that sets the context for a leadership challenge or problem. The school leader responds to the challenge by making a critical decision. The SIM adjusts course depending on the response from the school leader and it provides feedback to the leader on the decision that they made. SIMS are great collaborative tools to bring a leadership team together to work through a problem or leadership challenge.

The Corwin Press book, Future Focused Leaders, partners with EdLeadership SIMS to provide readers with an interactive experience that allows them to use the skills that they learned in the book. Dave and I believe that we need to think and lead with the future in mind; in turn, we decided to partner with Ken Spero and EdLeadership SIMS to provide an engaging and thought provoking SIM for school leaders. This SIM is only the beginning for opportunities to abound between paper books and digital empowerment SIMS for readers. What I really like about this partnership between paper and digital is that it provides a thoughtful engagement of leadership teams, requiring them to work through some hairy leadership challenges or problems. It brings the books to life and draws in the reader to engage with the authors at entirely new levels.

Dave and I encourage you to read Chapter 1 as a school leadership team, to complete the TEAM Talk activities as a team, and to work through the SIM. These activities will challenge and grow your leadership team to new levels.

Order your copy of Future Focused Leaders by June 30th and get free shipping and a discount on Prepub price from Corwin at

Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow as a leader and to strengthen your school leadership team. Purchase Future Focused Leaders and complete the SIM outlined in Chapter 1.

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