5 Must Reads for Teacher Leaders & School Leaders this Summer

I enjoy using the summer break for an opportunity to challenge my thinking and enhance my skill-set as a school leader. Here are 5 Must Summer Reads for Teacher Leaders and School Leaders.

1. Future Focused Leaders - Relate, Innovate, and Invigorate for Real Educational Change (Ziegler & Ramage) In our book, we provide school leaders with practical, relevant, and useable strategies for immediate application that promote sustainable innovation in leadership. Organized by three main overviews—Relate, Innovate, and Invigorate—each chapter ends with action steps for school leaders to take in order to strengthen their overall leadership abilities. Future Focused Leaders also features twenty school leaders throughout the country who are practicing Future Focused strategies. These strategies are easily implementable, based on best practices and research, and they work to provide sustainable change for your school. Learn how to be a leader who prepares teachers, students, and parents for a future that we can't see. Learn more about this book at https://www.chaselearning.org/ffl

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2. Renegade Leadership - Creating Innovative Schools for Digital-Age Students (Brad Gustafson) - School leader, Brad Gustafson, blends best practice with innovation in this tool box for school leaders. Brad's writing style makes for an easy and enjoyable read which provides best practices and innovative strategies for School Leaders. This book will get you thinking, equip you with tools to make a difference for your students and teachers, and inspire you to become a leader that others will follow. This book is a favorite of mine in regards to school leadership. Brad's upbeat, caring, and engaging leadership style challenged me to think differently, to innovate for my students, and to deepen my relationships with teachers.

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3. Breaking Out of Isolation - Becoming a Connected School

Leader (Cook, Johnson, Stager) Fighting off isolationism is critical for school leaders to thrive in today's school culture. This isn't easy, but it is required if school leaders want to move their school and leadership forward. Cook, Johnson, and Stager provide a provocative read which will equip you to build and strengthen your Professional Learning Network, learn how to connect and build relationships with colleagues and fellow School Leaders, and how to avoid isolationism. I understand firsthand how challenging it can be to invest in our own leadership by connecting with others, but I realized that if I am going to grow and move forward as a school leader, I need to leverage the power of connection and networking.

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4. Collaborative Leadership - Six Influences that Matter Most (Peter DeWitt)

This school leadership book aligns the six key influences which align to the work of John Hattie to school leadership. Author, speaker, and former school leader, Peter DeWitt provides authentic, practical, and relevant strategies for school leaders to build their leadership team, how to strengthen their practice, and how to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in the conversation. DeWitt aligns the work of John Hattie's Visible Learning to school leadership and integrates his own experience, best practices, and research to empower school leaders to action. I highly respect Peter's work, he writes from an experienced school leader perspective who understands what it takes to build collaborative leadership in schools.

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5. Teaching Kids to Thrive - Teaching Kids the Other Essential Skills for Success (Debbie Silver & Dedra Stafford) We all want our students to Thrive, but do we really take the actions necessary to design learning environments where students thrive? Debbie and Dedra present this book in a heartwarming way to inspire schools to focus on guiding students through the social and emotional learning that will prepare them for the future. Teaching Kids to Thrive is a must read for all school leaders as they look to transform learning for their students. Order your Copy of Teaching Kids to Thrive by Clicking Here

Use the summertime as an opportunity to grow as a school leader. Whether it's on the beach, at the cabin in the mountains, or over lunch with a colleague, read these books and grow in entirely new ways. These books will stretch your leadership and equip, engage, and encourage you to lead your teachers, students, and parents to success. Being a school leader is challenging but these books will fill your tool box, provide practical strategies, and real life examples of school leaders who are doing great things for their students and teachers. Check out the Corwin website for more great resources for School Leaders. Click Here to go to the Corwin site.

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