Chase Learning Turns A Year Old

I’m excited to share that Chase Learning, LLC is officially one-year-old. I am passionate about my vocation to

serve as a school leader in the public school system and I’m energized by supporting other leaders in this important work. During the past year, we provided high-quality professional development for school leaders throughout the country, served on a team to rewrite the Breaking Ranks books with NASSP, gathered a team of school leaders to serve as Chase Team members, and signed a contract to write our first book with Corwin Publishing (Corwin is one of the world’s largest publishers for School Leaders). Our book is expected to be on the shelves this spring. Most of all, we have built strong relationships with school leaders worldwide, from Australia, China, and throughout North America and continue to equip them with the tools and skills to prepare students for the future. We have been blessed beyond measure as Chase Learning has exceeded our expectations.

The goal of Chase Learning is to equip school leaders to relate, innovate, and invigorate their leadership to prepare students for the future.

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