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What do you receive?​

  • Networking with other leaders

  • Peer to Peer Mentoring and Collaboration

  • Personalized Coaching from Dr. Bill Ziegler and/or Mr. Matt Moyer

  • Encouragement and Inspiration to Lead

Mastermind For School Leaders

A Mastermind is an opportunity to collaborate with other school leaders in a way that meets your personal and professional leadership needs.   We talk about what you want to learn about, you connect with other school leaders, and you get energized and inspired to continue the great work of school leadership.


These Masterminds are exclusively for School Leaders such as Principals, Assistant Principals, Teacher Leaders, Aspiring Principals, Dean of Students,Headmaster, Headmistress, etc.  


Each Mastermind meets weekly for one hour for each session.   All Mastermind participants will be open to coaching by Dr. Bill Ziegler or Mr. Matt Moyer   

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