Leading Resilient Learners:

Nurturing a Trauma Responsive School Culture

Highly interactive, collaborative, and reflective session.  

6 - 12 Hours (1 or 2 days) (Also done as a Keynote)

Audience:  K-12 School Leaders, District Leaders, Teacher Leaders

The impact of trauma and chronic stress on students is at an all-time alarming rate.  Research suggests students who experience trauma during their childhood are in jeopardy academically and in life.  These challenges can be overcome when school leaders intentionally nurture a school culture which focuses on trauma responsive learning for students.  Participants will learn how to lead through a Trauma Responsive Leadership model that equips, empowers, and inspires students to thrive in school.  Students are coming to school with invisible backpacks filled with stressors that drag them down and hold them back from flourishing.  School leaders need to be equipped with the tools to help their staff and students work through trauma to learning which fosters growth and success.   Staff and students are coming to school with more stressors than ever, that's why leaders need to know how to build a culture that is trauma responsive.  This session will provide leaders with practical strategies that they can immediately implement into their school.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Participants will learn how to lead through a Trauma Responsive Leadership model that empowers students 

  2. Participants will learn how to support students who face trauma and how to help them to thrive in school 

  3. Participants will learn how to equip teachers and staff with the tools to educate students who are impacted by trauma 

  4. Participants will learn how to lead a school culture that nurtures, empowers, and inspires students

  5. Participants will learn how to lead staff through trauma

  6. Learning objectives and action plan for delivery:

  7. Action Plan 

  8. In this highly engaging, interactive, and inspiring session, participants will learn how about Trauma Responsive Leadership 

Day 1 

  • Understanding Trauma and it's impact on learning

  • ACE Survey and application 

  • Leading a Trauma Responsive School 

  • Nurturing a Trauma Responsive Culture

  • Social & Emotional Learning and Leading

  • Innovative Thinking and Design to Support Students

  • Mindset Change for Adults - Changing How We Think About Trauma, Discipline, and Learning

Day 2

  • Resources to Support Students

  • The Power of A Story

  • Making It Cool To Ask for Help and to Get Help

  • Caring for All - Supporting Faculty/Staff through Their Own Trauma

  • Relational Trust for Resilient Learners

  • Empowering Students to Lead - Raise Your Grit Score

  • Building a High Relational Trust School Culture

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