School Leadership Coaching


1-6 Hours

Audience:  School Leaders


School Leadership Coaching is targeted and personalized professional development for School Leaders.  Dr. Ziegler, uses his twenty years of award winning experience as a School Leader and researched best practices to coach School Leaders to increase their effectiveness, strengthen their leadership, and to equip them to courageously lead their students, parents, and teachers.  School Leadership Coaching is typically done one-on-one, in pairs, or small groups.  Dr. Ziegler personalizes the learning to support the needs of your School Leaders.  He works with the School Leaders to identify areas they would like to grow as a leader and then he coaches the School Leader in those identified areas.  This job-embedded professional development meets School Leaders where they are, it provides them with an opportunity to tailor their learning and take their leadership to the next level.


A principal from Kansas shares, “My coaching experience with Dr. Ziegler has transformed my leadership, I have become more confident, courageous, and prepared to lead my school.”  


Dr. Ziegler extends the coaching by using a reflection tool which allows the School Leader to follow up with Dr. Ziegler anytime to get expert guidance, support, and coaching.


For coaching to be successful, it needs to be over a period of time to establish trust, a strong relationship, and to produce results.  School Leaders will learn strategies that can be immediately implemented into their daily leadership practice.