It All Begins With Culture  

Building A Contagious and Positive School Culture 

6 - 12 Hours (1 or 2 days) (Also done as a Keynote)


Audience:  K-12 School Leaders, District Leaders, Teacher Leaders

Highly interactive, collaborative, and reflective session.  


Session Description

Without a positive school culture, learning is stifled and growth is hindered.  A positive school culture transforms a school into a vibrant learning community.  To accomplish this, School Leaders need to be intentional and equipped with the skills and strategies to build a positive school culture that produces results.  


School Leaders will learn practical and researched based best practices to build and sustain a positive school culture.  They will learn how to confront negativity, how to win over teachers and parents, and how to lead in a way that engages all students.  They will learn how to celebrate, how to empower collaborative leadership, and how to nurture a positive culture that thrives in the school and community.  


They will walk away with practical strategies that they can immediately implement to increase Student Voice and Choice in their school.  School Leaders will learn how to design a school culture that values curiosity, creativity, and courage.  


We need to create a culture that supports ALL students.  This means that they are All of Our Kids, No Matter What!!  Dr. Ziegler will share key strategies on how to support all students in the school culture.  Creating a culture where every child is valued, cared for by an adult, and celebrated will invigorate the role of every School Leader and positively transform a school culture.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to identify and learn how to implement key strategies to build a positive school culture

  • Participants will be able to transform their school into a vibrant learning culture 

  • Participants will be able to enhance student voice in the school culture

  • Participants will be able to demonstrate how to increase student choice in learning and the school 

  • Participants will be able to unify faculty and staff around a student-centered school culture

  • Participants will be able to empower others to lead in a culture built to produce positive results

  • Participants will be able to lead a school where a positive culture is evident 

Day 1

  • The Basics to a Positive School Culture - building the foundation 

  • Practical and researched based practices for school culture

  • Building unity around a positive school culture

  • How to transform their school's culture to be student-centered, positive, and supportive

  • Promoting Student Voice in the school

  • Empowering Student Choice

  • A culture of curiosity, creativity, and courage

Day 2

  • Wining over the resistors

  • Confronting negativity in a way that builds a positive culture

  • How to have Courageous Conversations 

  • Building consensus and buy-in

  • Parents and how to empower them 

  • Going beyond the school to build culture

  • Building a School Culture that is Contagious 

  • Telling Your School's Story 



Building A Contagious & Positive School