Chapter 1

  • Speak from the Heart - Share your passion, speak the truth, and let your staff see your heart.

  • Speak Words of Encouragement - Be intentional today about encouraging three students and staff members today.

  • Suspend judgment - pause before judging or drawing conclusions. 

Chapter 2

  • Create a Remind group with your Faculty/Staff and use it to send out positive notes of encouragement - hide donuts somewhere in the building and send the directions out via a Remind message - this helps increase participation. Or send out a message allowing the faculty/staff to cut out early one day when possible.

  • Create a Wordle using reflections from students, staff, faculty, and parents on what is the best thing about your school. Turn the Wordle into a social media post and share it out.

  • Create a video of your students and staff that best represents your school’s core values and mission. 

Chapter 3

  • Share a story from a school that received grant funding and did something amazing for their students and community to get your professional staff excited about dreaming big. Work with them to generate an “impossible” idea that could be accomplished with extra funding and partners

  • Contact local businesses and see if they will feature, and sell, student artwork in a partnership like Zoe’s Kitchen. This will increase foot traffic to their business, give an authentic audience for student work, and result in extra funds for the school.

  • Get your students into the community. Select a non-profit for your school to adopt similar to Talley Middle School. 

Chapter 4

  • Work with faculty, students, and staff to create a timeline of achievements in the past history, and recent events for your school. Celebrate where you started, and where you’ve come as a learning organization.

  • Have students share the positive impact teachers have on them in a faculty meeting.

  • Listen to a podcast with your faculty and leadership team and reflect on how your school has grown and needs to improve.

Chapter 5

  • Use the LMS of your district to create a course for faculty that focuses on instructional practices for technology use.

  • Have a class join a Discovery Learning Virtual Reality Field Trip

  • Join our Remind Class to get regular encouragement to innovate. Join the class at


Chapter 6

  • Sit in an Art or Music class and actually join the students as they create art and music. Produce, perform, and collaborate.

  • Make one of your display cases a mini gallery and feature a student or staff artist. Celebrate their work and encourage the school to value artistry and creativity.

  • Enter your students in Google Doodle, or hold a similar contest at your school for your web site, yearbook, or banner.

Chapter 7

  • Marker Messages - use window glass or marker boards for students to write inspirational messages throughout the school. Start a school conversation by having students finish this phrase, “One thing I would like to invent is…. or, “My hero is…..”

  • Finish this statement by writing and drawing a picture to hang in your office. “Future Focused School Leaders…….”  Be sure to share this out with us and your staff. We would love to feature your story in a Future Focused post.

  • Create a Google form and encourage students and parents to write a note to your teachers thanking them for their work and investment in students’ lives. Share the results with your faculty, staff, administrators, and community.

Chapter 8

  • Celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of your staff today. Send them a text or Remind message to encourage and celebrate.

  • Write a handwritten note thanking a staff member, student, or parent and send it to their house via mail.

  • Call or meet with your staff member, student, or parent to share how much you appreciate the work they are doing, what they are good at, and how they are invaluable to your school. 

Chapter 9

  • Be sure to rest - Make a commitment to get plenty of rest - plus, take a nap after work or between school and your nightly meeting.

  • Get Energized - Get Active - get a FitBit or other device and begin tracking your physical activity.

  • Play - Be sure to have fun with your students and staff. Plus, be sure to play with your family and friends, this reenergizes us to be the best school leaders we can be. 

Chapter 10

  • Protect Learning - this may sound odd, but by protecting what we value most, teachers and students are energized and see the importance of learning. Review your public announcements protocol, reduce interruptions in the building, and keep learning at the center of all you do.

  • Publish a story that highlights a teacher using technology well to extend learning, include examples of student-created work. Be sure to share these with us as we would like to feature your school on our website.

  • Host a school leaders conference at your building to share ideas to avoid the “quick fix” solutions being used in so many systems. Identify a person to capture the event via video (or live stream) so the dialog can be shared with other leaders.

Invigorate:  Here at Chase Learning we hope to remind you of your calling, and invigorate your work.


There are plenty of political, financial, and societal complaints about schools. We don’t turn away from our failures as an institution, but we recognize the need to celebrate our strengths. We celebrate the best that our collective practice has to offer – and highlight some of these practitioners in the pages that follow. Their success encourages and inspires us.