Hero Building Leadership:

Creating Extraordinary School Leaders       

6 - 12 Hours (1 or 2 days) (Also done as a Keynote)


Audience:  K-12 Teachers, School Leaders, District Leaders, Teacher Leaders

Highly interactive, collaborative, and reflective session.  

Session Description

The turn over and burnout rates for school and district leaders is at an all time high. 
Leaders are fatigued and tired from the daily rigorous challenges of the profession. 
Hero Building Leadership works to create extraordinary school leaders who are empowered,
encouraged, equipped, and energized to embrace the high calling of school leadership.   


Heroes are built, not born.  Being a hero takes a conscious and intentional focus on committing to something higher than yourself.  It requires you to put aside your own wants, sacrifice for the greater good, and have a tireless commitment to improving the lives of others.  We are not calling school leaders to some fictitious and unreachable level of leadership; just the opposite. We challenge you to live out the words of this session and to work everyday to be a focused, tireless, and vocal advocate for kids. By doing this, you are working on hero building leadership that will create an extraordinary school for your students.  It’s close to impossible to be committed to hero building leadership and not have your school become an extraordinary school. Schools reflect their leaders. If the leaders in the school are dedicated to hero building leadership then the lives of students and everyone in the school will be strengthened. Our kids, and our schools, are hungering for leaders who are committed to hero building leadership.  

Hero building leadership is meant for all leaders, not just the principal team.  Teachers, school counselors, para-educators, and all additional supporting staff are encouraged to learn and practice hero building leadership principles. We encourage you to work together as a diverse school leadership team to complete the Hero Training at the end of each chapter.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to identify best practices for school leadership through real life stories of other school leaders

  • Participants will be able to see the importance of authenticity in leadership and it's power in changing your school

  • Participants will be able to take a deep dive into the countless needs of students and how to support them

  • Participants will be able to unpack the invisible backpack that students carry to school

  • Participants will be able to describe how to build a culture of relationships, resources, interventions, and wisdom 

  • Participants will be able to share how to stay true to their calling and best practices in leadership

  • Participants will be able to unleash the voice and choice of students

  • Participants will be able to lead like an alien with out of this world ideas to produce heroic students

  • Participants will be able to raise their grit score and how to instill resiliency in students/faculty/staff

  • Participants will be able to empower students to be Global Game Changers who make a real difference in our world

  • Participants will be able to have the courage to lead with confidence and boldness

Day 1

  • The Basics and Best Practices in School Leadership 

  • Examine Heroes in the Hallways - How Other School Leaders are Doing Great Things for Kids

  • Staying True to Your Calling - Being Authentic - Being You!

  • The Invisible Backpack - The Impact of Trauma on Learning and Students

  • How to Support Students through Trauma

  • Lies We Tell Ourselves and Believe

  • High Risk Means High Reward

  • Failure Is Not An Option

  • Hide Your Mistakes and Weaknesses

  • Front Runners Win

  • Innovation Is For Crazy People

  • Leaders Must Be The Loudest Voice

  • Hero Training

Day 2

  • School Reform Through Student Voice

  • Social Media and Student Voice

  • Letting Students Lead

  • Gauge Your Student Voice

  • Student Choice

  • School Showcase

  • Break Down Historical Barricades

  • Procrastinators Produce

  • Think Differently

  • Building Resilience - Raising Your Grit Score

  • How to Win Over Resisting Faculty/Staff

  • Think Big - Go Big or Go Home! 

  • Building Global Game Changing Students

  • The Courage to Lead