Chapter 1 Resources

Use these activities to nurture your skills. Even better - gather with your team to embed these skills in your work and empower your students to become heroes that change their world.


Hero Training for this chapter is all about telling your story. This kind of exercise can be a powerful type of professional learning (Ramage, 2007). It also provides powerful material to explore beliefs and communicate with wide range of stakeholders.

  1. Work with your team to create and write your school’s story. Write the story in 250 words or less and then share it out with everyone in your school

  2. Who are the Heroes in your school? Take time to celebrate them and elevate them for the work that they are doing on a daily basis. 

  3. Host a Superhero day in your school by encouraging everyone to wear their favorite superhero outfit and celebrate the work of the student and staff heroes in your school. 

  4. Showcase your school’s story in a Tweet using 140 characters or less 

  5. Create a 1 minute video that features your school story and post it on social media like Instagram, FB, or Twitter - Be sure to include #HBLschools

  6. Work with your team to draw a picture that represents your school’s story - share the picture out with your students, staff, and social media

  7. Do a storyboard, or comic book style version of your story by capturing the key elements with simple visuals. Use your storyboard to inform your other story formats

“Actively working towards developing positive teacher–student relationships becomes a primary goal, one that establishes your professional standing, and allows you to have a strong effect on the lives of your students” (Hattie & Yates, 2014 p.19). Take some time to consider a powerful story that describes the impact you, or a colleague, has had with one of your school’s students. Try to condense this story into a short video, podcast, or written piece that could be shared (or read) in three minutes or less. Creating a collection of these stories helps others see what heroes look like in the school setting, and reinforces the culture of hero-building that will transform your school.

Hattie, J., & Yates, G., (2014). Visible learning and the science of how we learn. Routledge:London. Available at Corwin Press.