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Future Focused Leaders 

This aligns to Dr. Ziegler’s Book, Future Focused Leaders


6 - 12 Hours (1 or 2 days) (Also done as a Keynote)

Audience:  K-12 School Leaders, District Leaders, Teacher Leaders, 


Session Description

How do we prepare students and teachers for a future that we can’t see or don’t know?  This interactive and informative session provides School Leaders with the skills to equip students, parents, and teachers with the tools to thrive in the present and the future.  School Leaders will come away with practical, easily implementable, and researched based best practices that can provide sustainable positive change in an innovative culture.  


School Leaders will focus on three areas, relationships, innovation, and inspiration.  Relationships are at the core of what we do as School Leaders and it’s the most important skill set for the future.  Participants will learn how to have courageous conversations, how to deepen their relationships and communication skills, and how to lead from a conversational approach.  


With Innovation, School Leaders will learn five digital tools that will they can immediately use to strengthen their leadership and learning in their school.  They will also learn how to use Augmented and Virtual Reality, Coding, Drones, and more to engage students and teachers.  Most importantly, they will learn how to Chase Learning, Not Technology!


School Leaders will also be inspired to do great things for their students.  They will learn how to get funding for school programs, how to increase Student Voice and Choice, and how to stay energized for the most important work of school leadership.  School Leaders will come away inspired and motivated to be a Future Focused Leader.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Participants will be able to use key digital tools to empower students in their learning

  2. Participants will be able to practice how to use digital tools to strengthen learning and leading

  3. Participants will be able to lead with the future of students in mind

  4. Participants will be able to identify the future needs of students

  5. Participants will be able to leverage technology to engage students

  6. Participants will be able to utilize communication tools to strengthen school culture

  7. Participants will be able to create a future focused action plan of leading and learning for their school

  8. Participants will be able to apply future ready skills to empower learners

  9. Participants will be able to describe best practices in innovation for learning and leading

  10. Participants will be able to identify the core skills needed to prepare students for the future

  11. Participants will be able to apply AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) into learning and leading

  12. Participants will be able to leverage coding, drones, and AR/VR to empower learners


Day 1 

  • The future is now - strategies for school leaders to lead with a future focus

  • Digital Tools for Learning

  • Digital Tools for Leading

  • Innovative in Learning and Leading

  • Career Readiness for Students

  • ISLLC Standards and digital leadership 

  • AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)

  • Coding, Drones, and Design thinking 

  • Innovative building design 

Day 2 

  • Nurturing an Innovative Learning Culture

  • Modeling risk taking and leading 

  • Digital Leadership that empowers students and staff

  • Digital Communication  that strengthens and builds culture

  • Future Focused Action Plan Design

  • Fighting against the resistance against change and growth

  • Overcoming lack of funding to innovate in learning 

  • Innovating on a shoestring budget