SIM 8: Hero Courage SIM 


You are the principal of a school where the former principal was so popular and well regarded they named the auditorium after her.  However, some of the practices that this principal put into place don't align with your vision and focus on doing what's best for kids.  It appears this principal was so popular because she gave in to the wishes of the faculty and staff rather then making decisions based on what's best for students.  

You see gaps in the learning, inequities in awards given out to students, and various areas where equity is not a focal point.  You have pointed out that there's inequities in class rosters, who receives A's and who doesn't, and the number of discipline referrals.  You have been the principal of this building for three years now and you keep running into roadblocks every time you try and make a decision on what's best for kids.


You realize that your Teacher Leadership team is comprised of people who align with the former principals's ways.  These leadership positions are paid positions that need to be reviewed every year.  They can be removed without cause at the end of each year and replaced with someone else.  However, you know the politics of the faculty, and disruption this will cause to the school.  You have tried everything you can with the current leadership team and are making no progress, you are frustrated beyond belief.  Honestly, you are considering just leaving the school for another school or central office position.  

What do you do?