L.E.A.P. Leadership Inventory

How can educational leaders design learning in a way where students want to run to school rather than away from it? This challenge can be daunting, but it’s one that requires our full focus as we strive to design schools where students see a practical and relevant connection, creativity being nurtured, and real-world problems being solved. This requires school leaders to think differently and to innovate. Below are four mindsets to help us LEAP into innovation:

●   Learning mindset—School leaders need to be voracious learners who are constantly reading, networking, and growing as leaders and learners. Every leader needs to develop their Personal Learning Network to stretch and grow. Digital tools can really expand your learning reach and options.

●   Empowering mindset—For true growth and sustainability to take place with innovation in learning, school leaders need to empower others to lead. Invest in your teachers and students, challenge them, and inspire them to try new things and to innovate in their teaching practices and learning habits.

●   Advanced mindset—School leaders need to have a mindset that hungers to advance the learning and growth of students and their staff. We need to move beyond the status quo and into a culture of growth and progress for all. It’s critical that school leaders focus on nurturing, developing, and advancing their staff as much as students. A true learning culture focuses on both!

●   Practical mindset—Innovation that inspires is innovation that solves real-world problems and makes practical connections to life. We can’t innovate to entertain; instead we must innovate to make a difference in our world. This reminds me of the student who desired to make a prosthetic hand for one of his classmates, so he and his teacher accepted the Prosthetic Kids Hand Challenge and did just that!