SIM 8: Stay with No Change   

Staying with no change is futile and will only cause you to become more frustrated, disappointed, and feeling like a failure.  We would rather see you leave and go to a place where you will grow and flourish.  However, ideally, you could stay and make the necessary changes needed to support a student centered mindset in your school.  

You can't and don't need to do this alone, find a team of teachers that do support your work and begin to work with them.  And, if you have the courage to replace the teachers on your current leadership team with the ones that align with your thinking and the school's mission, go for it!! The short term pain will be outweighed by the long term gain.  

Before doing this, talk it over with your supervisor so you make sure to have their support first.  If the upper administration isn't supporting your move and they align to the thinking of the former principal, then it may be a good time to get the resume ready and to start applying.  I find that if your superiors don't support a student centered mindset, it's going to be very difficult to move that forward without their support.  

You are not in this journey alone, we are here to support you and want to come alongside you.  If you have an area you are thinking over, frustrated about, or just need some simple guidance and coaching, reach out to us.  Dave and I will be happy to provide you with a completely complimentary coaching session to help you and your leadership.  

Just click on Free Coaching Session below and fill out the contact sheet and write that you are interested in coaching.