SIM 5: Need TO Intervene 

We agree with you.....

It's good to hear that you are intervening with this teacher. We are concerned about several issues in this teacher's approach to instruction.  First, covering a topic for this long can often be based on the teacher's interest level rather than the curriculum scope and sequence.  Next, the teacher's mindset that they have taught for 20 years is a myopic view of the world. We are thrilled to see that you have the "out of this world" thinking to intervene with this teacher and challenge the status quo.  


Just because they have been teaching this way for twenty years doesn't make it right.  Sadly, a few teachers only see the narrow view of their classroom as the world and not the ever changing workforce that requires students to learn new skills and evolve regularly. The principal needs to emphasize the importance of building skills like teamwork, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, identifying problems and problem solving. Additionally, the principal needs to challenge the teacher's course alignment against the existing course curriculum.  I wonder about a curriculum that stays on one topic for that long and hasn't changed over the years.  


Tradition would defend the teacher, what the teacher believes is that her content is more important than skills.  In a workforce that is evolving exponentially everyday, we need to begin to design instruction that requires skills and concepts to be the learning focus. The days of students memorizing facts and figures as primary learning goals are long gone. Trust me, for some teachers and principals, this is an out of this world idea that will rock their world.   

We need brave principals, like you, who are willing to have out of this world ideas to prepare students for a world we don't know.

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