Chapter 6 Resources

Use these activities to nurture your skills. Even better - gather with your team to embed these skills in your work and empower your students to become heroes that change their world.

● Hero SIM - Work with your leadership team to complete this 6.0 Hero SIM on Beating the Resistance!!

• WHADITW Reflection Questions 

  1. What is your WHADITW moment and how have you overcome it? 

  2. How is your WHADITW holding you and your school back from moving forward?

  3. What can you and your team do to move beyond WHADITW toward progress and growth for kids?


● To help get a sense of where the greatest resistance is coming from consider doing the Shadow A Student challenge from Stanford University’s dSchool. Encourage several members of your leadership team to participate. Find out more about Shadow A Student, and the dSchool online at:


● The Power of a Story - Share your learning or leadership story with someone on your team or with a student.


• List three resistors in your school, and consider what you are going to do to beat the resistance...

“Knowing that experts forget how hard it was for them to learn, we can understand the need to look at the learning process through students’ eyes, rather than making presumptions about how students ‘should be’ learning.” (Hattie & Yates, 2014 p.12). This is a reminder for us to step back and make sure we recognize the abundance of opportunities our students (and beginning teachers) encounter that invite persistence. Especially if you are a ‘seasoned veteran’, take time to step away, reflect, and acknowledge that outright failure is probably not the only condition that points to a need for resilience. Ask your students, peers, or leadership team how the learning is going and where there’s a need to encourage one another over a stubborn spot, or difficult aspect of the work. We all need to build resilience in our learning practices, and our collective culture.

Hattie, J., & Yates, G., (2014). Visible learning and the science of how we learn. Routledge:London. Available at Corwin Press.