Chapter 3 Resources

Use these activities to nurture your skills. Even better - gather with your team to embed these skills in your work and empower your students to become heroes that change their world.

● Hero SIM - Visit our website at and complete the 3.0 SIM on Detecting Truths as a Leader


● Work with your leadership team and complete tables 3.1 through 3.5 together.


● Have your students and teachers take 3.5 Loudest Voice In The School and collaborate as a team what you learned from the responses.


● Go to our website and take the LEAP Leadership Survey to see how you can grow as an innovative leader [This Survey Coming Soon]

“Exposure to successful performances may not, within itself, constitute a viable modelling stimulus for learning. If it did, we could become musicians through attending a concert, or play excellent tennis after watching Wimbledon finals.” (Hattie & Yates, 2014 p.73). we suspect your origin story includes a desire to change the world for your students. The findings by Hattie and his team are reminders to make sure you increase success in your hero-building quest by designing learning that includes clear instructions, encouragement, appropriate scaffolding, and a intentional practice in a setting where immediate, focused feedback is offered at a high level. Design your next lesson, or conduct your next classroom walkthrough, with this in mind.

Hattie, J., & Yates, G., (2014). Visible learning and the science of how we learn. Routledge:London. Available at Corwin Press.