SIM 6: Confront Them in Front of Faculty

Calling them out in front of the Faculty only emboldens them more and gives them the audience they want.  Consider asking a question for the Faculty to work on together and use that time to walk back to them, share with them you need their undivided attention and proceed back to the Faculty meeting.  If they continue to ignore you at that point, ignore them and address it immediately after the meeting.  If they continued to ignore your request to pay attention, it's important to document that and set clear expectations for future Faculty Meetings.  

I share this as a real case scenario, I worked at a school where three teachers would read the newspaper during Faculty Meetings.  The principal had enough and blew up on them in front of everyone.  Guess what happened, teachers saw the principal lose his/her cool and now the newspaper reading teachers became the victims who others felt sorry for.  Blowing up and confronting them in front of the faculty rarely results in a positive outcome.