“Dr. Bill Ziegler, Chase Learning, is just what our Wisconsin principals needed!  Bill delivered a pre-conference session at each of our leveled conferences. His ability to engage a variety of audiences was evidenced by the feedback received from participants.  He helped shape the mindsets of our future focused leaders with his experience, examples, and energy for making a difference in today's schools." 


A few things our principals shared in their feedback include:


  • "Everyone should have a chance to hear and speak with Dr. Ziegler." - High School principal


  • "Excellent info on school leadership and some tech tools. I used two of the tools with staff while still at the conference! - Associate Principal


  • "I came away with practical insights to begin using right away." - Elementary principal

-  Tammy Gibbons, Director of Professional Development & Information

Association of Wisconsin School Administrators


Dr. Bill Ziegler offers a stunning, joyful, and empowering message for the future of educational leadership. His presentation was grounded in research, exemplified by real-world practice, and delivered with memorable wit and wisdom. Not only does he walk-the-walk, but his talk will keep your team talking, and leading, into the future.

David Silverburg, Ashland University 

“Dr. Bill Ziegler is an innovative and passionate principal advocate for 21st century skill development and utilizing technology to enhance student learning.  In his presentations, Bill clearly articulates best practices for principals and other school leaders through his well-planned and engaging presentations that inspire changes in leadership practices, student performance and school culture to better prepare students for their futures!” 

– NASSP President - 2015, Michael Allison


Feedback from Participants of Dr. Ziegler’s Sessions


Authentic.  Great ideas that I can implement as I see fit when I return.  Some cool new tech ideas that I can bring to our admin team and see if it fits a need.                               

Middle School Principal 


Bill was very authentic and provided me with tools that I can use immediately to improve my leadership.             

Elementary School Principal 


Dr. Ziegler is a must see and his delivery makes me want to better my leadership.                              

High School Principal 


So down to earth and relatable! Many presenters talk down to their audience as the be all expert; Dr. Z involved us and listened to us....a unique presentation that was very enjoyable!   

Assistant Principal 


Innovative, inspiring, engaging!                           

Elementary School Principal 


Dr. Z did a great job!  His style was great!  Great teaching techniques used to involve the audience.  It was 4-hours well spent!   

Middle School Principal 


The interactivity of the presentation made me reflect on many things I do on a daily basis. It also allowed me to hear from others and their perspective.

Elementary Principal 

Client Testimonials:  School leaders from Yungjiang China to Yuba Wisconsin have experienced the power of learning together with Chase Learning.


Bill and the Chase Learning team can help you craft powerful learning experiences on a range of leadership topics and skills that build sustainable capacity in your own learning organization.