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Chapter One

School Profile 1.1 - Contoocook Valley Regional High School

Leaders:      Mr. Brian Pickering (2016 NH Principal of the Year)

Web:            http://cvhs.convalsd.net/

School Profile 1.2 - Morton Ranch Junior High School

Leaders:       Dr. Sanée Bell     

Web:             http://www.katyisd.org/campus/MRJH


Jorgensen Learning Center (JLC) http://www.gojlc.com

This is the place to go for training and resources related to conversational leadership. The techniques highlighted in Chapter One are the heart of Ray’s work. Contact Ray for individual leadership coaching, or learning experiences for your whole leadership team.

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Chapter Two

School Leader Profile 2.1 - Herman Lawson Early Childhood School

Leaders:      Susie Towber, Heidi Veal, and Nancy Alvarez

Web:            http://www.schools.mckinneyisd.net/lawson/


School Profile 2.2 - Saline High School

Leaders:       David Raft and Theresa Stager

Web:             http://salineschools.org/schools/saline-high-school/


School Blog List

Mr. Matt Renwick https://readingbyexample.com/

Mineral Point Elementary School

Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Matt’s is an elementary principal in Wisconsin. He is a leader in innovation and leadership for school leaders. In his two blogs, he provides practical and real life strategies on digital literacy. Check out Matt’s other blog on Literacy, Leadership, and Technology.


Mr. Bobby Dodd’s Blog - http://glhsprincipal.blogspot.com/

Gahannah Lincoln High School

Gahannah, Ohio

This practical blog showcases the work of the high school, provides tips for parents, students, and teachers, and challenges the status quo in regards to digital leadership. Bobby is a motivator and this shines through in his blog posts. A 2016 NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principals) Digital Principal Award Winner, Bobby is a leader on digital leadership nationwide.


Mr. Todd Nesloney Blog - http://www.toddnesloney.com/class-blog

Brule Elementary School

Navasota, Texas

Without a doubt, one of the most energizing school leaders that is committed to inspiring educators to care about kids. He is the co-founder of Kids Deserve It!. His blog provides strategies for flipped classrooms, digital tools, and simple ways to have fun as a school leader. I also encourage you to check out Kids Deserve It at http://www.kidsdeserveit.com/ to learn to have fun as a school leader.


Canva - www.canva.com
This is a simply awesome graphic design tool that is easy to use and will make any school leader look professional in their branding. Canva is a graphic design platform that helps school leaders design beautiful images, and documents. (Free & Paid Version)


Adobe Spark
This digital tool is transforming how people design media and videos.  Their slogan is “Create impactful social graphics, web stories, and animated videos using Spark’s free graphic design app. (https://spark.adobe.com)”  This app and website allows school leaders to design high quality media that can be used in their school.


Easelly -  http://www.easel.ly  
Easelly equips school leaders with an infographic tool that can turn data, important information, or statistics into an infographic for readers. Easelly has a free and paid version. The free version provides you with the ability to create infographics and the monthly paid version is a nominal fee but it opens a huge library of graphics, sample templates, fonts, and thousands of free images.


Seesaw – http://web.seesaw.me
Help parents get an inside look at their child’s work with student online portfolios. Seesaw allows parents to view and interact with their own child’s school work live during the school day (Free).  Seesaw has changed dinner table conversations to focus on a discussion around the learning. School leaders can publish student work for parents and the community to view. This creates an authentic audience for the student which is larger than the classroom and teacher.


ClassDojo – https://www.classdojo.com
Engage students and keep parents in the loop. Parents can receive instant messages, pictures, announcements, and regular updates on their child’s performance and behavior (Free). This digital tool helps school leaders build community with parents, students, and teachers. It engages parents in the learning and behavior management of their child. ClassDojo also engages the learner by teaching teamwork, collaboration, and persistence.


Twitter - www.twitter.com  
Twitter is an excellent way to let community members see inside your school on a daily basis. In addition to regular, daily posts we mentioned earlier, try something new to give school community members an opportunity to learn more about your school.

Best Communication Tool - Remind

Without a doubt, the best tool to communicate in a way that engages the entire school community is Remind. Remind (https://www.remind.com) allows school leaders to reach students, parents, and educators where they are. Remind has revolutionized the way school leaders can communicate with the school community. It is free for school leaders and teachers, easy to use, and allows the user to get the information in the format they prefer.


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Chapter Three

School Profile 3.1 - Nashville Big Picture High School

Leaders:       Chaerea “Chae” Snorton

Web:             http://schools.mnps.org/nashville-big-picture-high-school/

You can learn more about the success of Nashville Big Picture High School on the Edutopia web site. Nashville BPHS is featured in Edutopia’s Schools That Work segments online that can be viewed at www.edutopia.org.


School Profile 3.2 - Lebanon Trail High School

Leader:         Devin Padavil

Web:             http://schools.friscoisd.org/hs/lebanontrail

The vision, mission and graduate profile process for Lebanon Trail HS can be viewed online at:  https://lthspride.com/2016/05/02/lths-graduate-profile/


School Profile 3.3 - Talley Middle School

Leaders:       Mark Mayer

Web:             http://www.brandywineschools.org/talley


Schenzhen, China - STEM Education Foundation - http://en.chinastem.org/index.html

I absolutely loved what I observed while visiting Shenzhen, China and the STEM Education Foundation. I learned from the directors, engineers by trade, that they possessed a passion to educate children living in some of the poorest and most remote areas of China. The mission of the STEM Education Foundation is “to improve teacher quality of elementary and secondary schools in remote and poor regions around the world, and to share quality educational resources, allowing more children around the world receive a sound modern education.”


Double the Donation is a site that consolidates resources through workplace giving online for non-profits. Their site is available at: https://doublethedonation.com/companies-that-donate-to-nonprofits/


Donors Choose - Donors Choose is a website that fund dreams in schools. This is one of the easiest and best ways to fund school programs. A school leader can simply post a school project they want to get funded and Donors Choose find donors to support the request. School Leaders can watch their projects get funded. Check it out at www.DonorsChoose.org


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Chapter Four

School Leader Profile 4.1 - Amanda E. Stout Elementary School

Leaders:        Susan Higginson and Kyle Crater

Web:              http://www.readingsd.org/amandastout


School Profile 4.2 - Hanalani Upper School

Leader:           Winston Sakurai

Web:               www.hanalani.org


Union R-XI School District in Missouri believes that students have the leadership capacity to provide professional development for their faculty and staff. In this district, both middle and high school students plan, organize, and lead professional development opportunities for teachers. These learning opportunities for teachers, led by students, have been some of the most popular professional development throughout the school year. Check out more of their story at  http://www.edutopia.org/blog/student-partnership-in-professional-development-justin-tarte


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Chapter Five

School Profile 5.1 - New Albany High School

Leader:         Dwight Carter

Web:              http://www.napls.us/high


School Profile 5.2 - Harrisburg South Middle School

Leader:          Darren Ellwein

Web:              http://southmiddleschool.harrisburgdistrict41-2.org/


Quiver - Quiver brings coloring to life with AR and engages students in an entirely new way. Learn more about Quiver for Education at their web site  http://www.quivervision.com/apps/quiver-education/


Aurasma App/Web Site - https://www.aurasma.com Aurasma claims to bridge the digital with the physical. It turns objects, images, and just about anything into an interactive, engaging, and fun experience for students. For a quick example, download the app, allow it to access your camera, and point your camera at a one dollar bill. You will see the dollar come to life with a video embedded in the dollar.


Now, users can create their own VR experience with the use of pano cameras on smartphones and VR cameras are becoming more affordable for educators. Soon, creating VR will be easy, accessible, and common practice. Check out this video clip for a quick tutorial on how to create your own VR experience using your smartphone.  www.chaselearning.org/VR


According to the Genius Hour web site, “Genius Hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period time during school.”  Learn more about Genius Hour by visiting their web site at http://www.geniushour.com  


Interactive SwERI assessment  http://tinyurl.com/SwERI 

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Chapter Six

School Profile 6.1 - Greenwood Elementary School

Leader:         Dr. Brad Gustafson

Web:             http://www.wayzata.k12.mn.us/Domain/10


School Profile 6.2 - Northfield Community Middle School

Leader:          Dr. Glenn Robbins

Web:              http://northfield.groupfusion.net/


Creative School Survey -  (Coming Soon) 

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Chapter Seven

School Profile 7.1 - Central Elementary School

Leader:            Mrs. Bethany Hill

Web:                http://www.cabotschools.org/schools/central-elementary


School Profile 7.2 - Symington Elementary School

Leader:            Dr. Hayet Woods

Web:                http://www.hickmanmills.org/Domain/16


NASSP has issued an excellent resource for school leaders on Transgender Students. Check it out at: https://www.nassp.org/who-we-are/board-of-directors/position-statements/transgender-students?SSO=true

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Chapter Eight

School Profile 8.1 - Timberview Middle School

Leader:            Carrie Jackson

Web:                http://campus.kellerisd.net/school/tms-046


School Profile 8.2 - Douglas Taylor Elementary School

Leaders:          Dr. Bill Truesdale

Web:                http://taylor.cps.edu


Many schools are beginning to join an established effort like “Thanks A Latte” to celebrate successes and offer a small thank you for staff. https://www.pinterest.com/explore/thanks-a-latte/


These celebrations mirror a research-based approach to student discipline known as School-Wide Positive Behavior Systems (SWPBS), or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). https://www.pbis.org/school/swpbis-for-beginners These frameworks echo what we are proposing - celebrating the kinds of actions we want to see over and over again.


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Chapter Nine

School Profile 9.1 - Wingate Elementary School

Leader:            James Orichosky

Web:                www.beasd.org


School Profile 9.2 - Michele Clark High School

Leader:            Charles Anderson

Web:                http://www.micheleclark.org


Future Focused School Leaders - Please share your great ideas, successes, and resources with us so we can feature you on our web site. We want to hear what’s working for you, and share what’s working for other school leaders by going to the blog site at ChaseLearning.org


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Chapter Ten

School Profile 10.1 - Richardson Primary School

Leader:            Jason Borton

Web:                http://www.richardsonps.act.edu.au/


School Profile 10.2 - Sunnyside High School

Leader:            Ryan Maxwell

Web:                http://www.sunnysideschools.org/Domain/8


The Right Question Institute (http://rightquestion.org) suggests a three prong approach to questioning. They suggest you start with “Why”, moving to “What if” and moving to “How” can help a solution emerge that is either a substantial revision of the first impulse, or a new direction entirely.


We applaud the work of our friend and colleague, Dr. Neil Gupta who taught us about Shadow A Student. Join in the Shadow a Student movement and share your work through using #ShadowAStudent  Check out their web site at www.shadowastudent.org for some tools to get the most of your Shadow A Student experience.

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